“25 ‘plus’-friendly fitness studios around the country”

October 2018 – Goodmorningamerica.com recaps how intimidation is one of the greatest obstacles to joining a gym, and celebrates THE WALL as one of the most inclusive places to workout.

For many full-figured individuals, the greatest barrier in making a commitment to health and fitness is finding size-inclusive gym options — minus the stares, intimidation and lack of assistance for modifications.

Though not every fitness environment is plus-friendly, there are a few body positive gyms that allow you to feel comfortable within your own skin, without having to pound on the traditional gym treadmill pavement! At these gyms you can be any size, enjoy (and kill) a fitness routine, and push your body to the limit…

The gym’s mission is to help you “break through,” whether it be physical or mental challenges. Unlike so many studios that simply lead participants through a slide show of exercises, THE WALL classes are designed for everyone to move in unison — allowing for greater synergy and energy to achieve one’s goals.

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