“The Truth About Being a Professional Trainer”

MAY 2018 – Amanda Lauren of A Sweat Life interviews some of the top trainers in Los Angeles, including THE WALL’s Jason Wimberly, about what really goes through their minds at work.

Truth #1: It’s crucial to build relationships with clients
Jason Wimberly of The Wall explained, “Being a trainer is really about making relationships. I always say that our clients are trusting us with their most valuable assets: their time, money, and bodies. So, we have to invest in those relationships and build a foundation of trust and support. So at least for me, that goes far and well beyond just clocking in for an hour and making someone sweat.”

Truth #4: Clients will want to see results right away… but that’s not usually realistic
Wimberly says he wishes his clients would understand that the process of transforming your body takes patience. “Change takes time, and long-lasting change requires long-term shifts in habits and dedication.”

Truth #5: Fitness should be fun — even the failures
Wimberly also likes to help clients see every step of the journey from a new perspective. “Learn to celebrate the small victories along the way, and celebrate the fumbles. Falling over means you’re doing something new, and that’s the first step to creating the change you’re looking for.”

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