The Truth About Committing to Nothing

JANUARY 2019 – I recently saw an ad pop up in my newsfeed from a pretty well known fitness brand,  and it startled me to the point where I was thinking about it for the rest of the day: “COMMIT TO NOTHING,” it wrote in big bold letters.

As a millennial (in dog years), part of me is attracted to the idea of not committing to anything. Our generation is in love with “no strings attached” philosophy which is probably why every single Tindr profile says something along the lines of “not looking for anything serious.” Only the desperate people want something serious, grounded and healthy, right?  It’s become the mantra of our generation and just like in the dating world where we are too afraid to meet up with someone because we fear even approaching the idea of committing to coffee, we probably feel the same way about every other important obligation we would have to make – namely fitness.

So why should I commit to fitness goals? After all, I don’t know how I will feel in one or two months and I don’t want to be locked into a relationship with a gym! Well, the reality is that the commitment isn’t between you and the gym: it’s between you and yourself. Even if you get a gym membership, you won’t accomplish anything unless you put the work behind it. If you’re not wiling to put the work in, you wont accomplish those goals and you certainly won’t be spending your money wisely – no matter the length of the contract or the intensity of the workout. That’s why commitment to yourself is essential. Without it, you’ll give up at every hardship you encounter.

In summary, if you’re looking to join a gym without committing to achieving your goal (the one that you’ve been thinking about for a long time), then the “COMMIT TO NOTHING” campaign is ideal for you. Paradoxically, you’ll probably spend more months on the program blindly thumbing around with inconsistent commitment and inconsistent results. Simply said “COMMIT TO NOTHING” is “ACHIEVE NOTHING.” But if you are ready to commit to yourself, please do remind yourself of it on a daily basis and at every junction.

Remind yourself of your commitment when you arms are burning from the dumbbell, or for when you’re looking for an excuse not leave your bed, or for when you’re pushing on that last hill. Remind yourself of it at every junction until it stops being a dream and is now a reality.

I leave you with this final thought; when’s the last time you ever achieved a fitness goal without commitment?