“This Is How We Do It” (Translation from the print version of Dutch Vogue)

April 2018 – Spinning, HIIT, harsh workouts, pilates — almost every workout has already been brought into a boating fitness concept, or small-scale, high-end fitness studios that focus on a type of work-out. One that certainly has something to add, is the brand-new studio THE WALL, with their signature work-out 123 Stack. This lesson is made up of ten minutes of core (the natural corset of back, stomach and hip muscles), twenty minutes of strength for your whole body and thirty minutes of spinning. In an hour, you have three for the price of one: a custom 123 Stack version can of course also be done with Nike’s NTC app: choose 12 minute core control from dafne skippers, followed by 16 minutes of strength remix and finish with 30 minutes of cardio.

**If you read Dutch, click on the image below to view larger.