Groomed LA : August 2018

“The Wall’s Flagship Studio Finally Takes Over! (La Brea & Wilshire)”

August 2018 – Groomed-LA.com graciously covers the bases, so to speak, with a flattering reveal of our new flagship location.

At THE WALL, technology is not used as a means of competition, nor will you find any segregated workout stations. Instead, THE WALL utilizes performance data to help track progress. Each class is constructed rhythmically – ensuring that everyone moves in unison with the goal of promoting mindfulness, cohesion and most importantly, results…

With a mission to deliver the best value possible, Wimberly does not skimp on the luxury either. Architecturally significant and state-of-the-art, the flagship studio space has been designed to optimize the guest experience. Every visual detail is an expression of THE WALL’s philosophy – to break through and rise above, both physically and mentally. A heavy retail program, lounge, THE BAR (a grab-n-go station featuring bites from Cafe Gratitude and refreshments from Clover Juice), free parking,…

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