“Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Revenge Body’ Trainer Reveals Exercise Routine That Will Get You In Shape In 2020”

January 2020 – HollywoodLife.com’s Fashion & Beauty Editor interviews celeb trainer (and THE WALL’s Master Instructor), Lacey Stone, sharing an exercise routine that will get you fit in no time! Here’s couple quick excerpts:

“Monday – HIIT or you could try my signature workout in LA at THE WALL Fitness, which is the BEST of both worlds. It’s called LIFT x RIDE, where I teach 20 minutes of HIIT boot camp, plus 20 minutes of cycling for an incredible boom of 45 minutes of fun!”

“If you don’t work out then you should get into it by working out one to two days per week the first month and adding on the second month. If you do work out, add another day or increase the intensity by going harder or adding one different workout to your workout routine. Try going alcohol-free for the next three weeks. This simple act could shift your focus and give you the clarity you need to set the tone for…”

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