“L.A.’s Newest Boutique Fitness Hub THE WALL Opens on La Brea”

October 2018 – The Hollywood Reporter introduces THE WALL on La Brea, highlighting the killer workout and studio amenities.

“The sleek space is 5,000 square feet, and is certified green—meaning there’s no single-use plastic used or sold in the juice bar, and even cleaning supplies are eco-friendly. But don’t expect the expansive footprint to go to his head. “We strive to deliver a world-class experience but with a mom-and-pop feel, where everyone is a VIP…”

The “trainers ensure the class moves to the rhythm in unison, even in weight training, to create a common dialogue that will break down the walls that separate them. “Whether you have 5 lb. or 35 lb. weights there is something so empowering when you look in the mirror and see 30 people all coming together and doing the same thing.”

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