“L.A.’s Newest Boutique Fitness Hub THE WALL Opens on La Brea”

October 2018 – The Hollywood Reporter introduces THE WALL on La Brea, highlighting the killer workout and studio amenities.

Wimberly didn’t start small with his debut studio though. The sleek space is 5,000 square feet, and is certified green—meaning there’s no single-use plastic used or sold in the juice bar, and even cleaning supplies are eco-friendly. But don’t expect the expansive footprint to go to his head. “We strive to deliver a world-class experience but with a mom-and-pop feel, where everyone is a VIP,” says the trainer, who wanted to make an impression right out of the gate. That down-to-earth approach is probably why boldfacers flock to him. As for his celeb clientele, Wimberly says plainly, “I moved to L.A. and they’re everywhere. It was never a goal of mine to train celebrities, I just am good at my job and word gets around quick, especially during awards season.”

Though he’s certainly practiced at getting his clients ready for such occasions, his greater goal is helping with a mental shift or makeover. In his classes at THE WALL, Wimberly and his trainers ensure the class moves to the rhythm in unison, even in weight training, to create a common dialogue that will break down the walls that separate them. “Whether you have 5 lb. or 35 lb. weights there is something so empowering when you look in the mirror and see 30 people all coming together and doing the same thing.”

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