“4 workout mistakes you’re guilty of that make these celebrity trainers cringe”

MAY 2018 – INSIDER interviews Jason Wimberly about posture outside of the gym:

“Posture’s not just about the way we stand, it’s about how our skeletons report to our muscles, how everything works,” he said. “It’s cringe-worthy for the injury element to it.”

Posture problems could start small, in the foot, knee, or back, but Wimberly said even a tiny issue could through your body out of alignment.

To fix your posture, he recommended working on your core engagement by starting your workouts with a simple plank.

“Our trans abdominis are the deep muscles of the core so they don’t actually ever burn as much as they say a sit-up would,” he said. “But when we learn to engage them, we support the spine which is how your posture goes up.”

Outside of the gym, Wimberly recommended checking in with yourself throughout the day.

“Remind yourself and when you don’t remind yourself, hear my voice saying ‘pull it back’ usually helps.”

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